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12.04 here I come...

This thought occured 5 years ago about 1204, Bugs, Howtos, ThinkPad, Ubuntu & kernel.

I posted a couple of weeks ago about an issue I was having with my Thinkpad L520 being unable to load Ubuntu 12.04 on the primary monitor.

I reported a bug in Launchpad, which was copied across to the bug tracker for Xorg. With some debugging help from the fantastic Bryce Harrington and Daniel Vetter I discovered that the bug I am encountering has been fixed in a Kernel branch as it is a common fault for the sandybridge graphics my laptop has. So now I have a laptop which will support running 12.04!

All of that said, the bug that I thought had gone away in 12.04 has appeared again. So I still need the 'noapic' flag to boot, but that's better than not booting at all :) I have a bug report for this if anyone is interested.

So, the steps for getting Ubuntu 12.04 running on a Thinkpad L520 are:

  1. Connect an External Monitor
  2. Boot into a LiveCD boot options (press a key when the first purple screen comes up)
  3. Select 'noapic' from the F6 boot options menu
  4. Boot into Ubuntu, and Install (the secondary monitor should be the only one working)
  5. Reboot after installation, hold down Shift after BIOS to get to GRUB and add 'noapic' into the boot options
  6. Once in Ubuntu, download and install the right kernel .deb files from
  7. Reboot
This method is installing a Mainline kernel build, so I recommend you read the documentation here first:

I'm off to run a backup and then upgrade to 12.04 on my primary hard drive. Wish me luck!