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Debian 6 released

This thought occured 6 years ago about Random & debian.

You might have seen the little Debian image I had on the right (where my picture now hangs), which was counting down to the release of Debian 6 "squeeze". Well, it was released 3 days ago and I just want to throw in my thanks and congratulations to the Debian team. This new version is fantastic!

Although I am mainly a Ubuntu user, I would be foolish to take Debian for granted and dismiss it as anything less than the fantastic distribution it is. I've used it as both desktops and servers and it never let me down.

Some of the reasons I love Debian include:

  • Super stable and reliable (can be installed, and left alone for years without worry)
  • Runs perfectly on my dying desktop machine
  • The new Debian 6 themes are really beautiful
  • Without Debian, Ubuntu would not exist
  • apt-get (do I need to say any more?)
  • Throwing together a basic web server is a piece of cake - just select the web server option in the installer
There is lots more I could say, but this post was only meant to be quick.